Crowther adds new Accounting & Financial Leadership

The Crowther Group adds twenty year Accounting and Financial Leader to its team. CEO Thomas Crowther says, “We are excited to announce the addition of Christy Reid to the team, as we build a strong foundation with systems and controls for future growth.” Lets meet Christy Reid.

What are 3 or 4 defining moments for you as your career progressed? Think of events or things that shaped your career path, had the most impact on making you who you are today, and led you to add value to your companies.

I absolutely love construction accounting and technology.

My love for technology came from working for the largest natural gas utility provider. Technology in the mid/late nineties was starting to progress, and I absolutely loved it. Right out of college, I went to work for a large corporation. They had major issues during their system conversion. I jumped right in to figure out what the problem was and what I needed to do to fix it. I was invited to write the new support manual for the company. I have been an integral part of helping companies upgrade their financial system throughout my career, work through their bugs, and simplify their processes.

My love for accounting came from working for a public accounting firm. I brought forth my knowledge of technology, and I helped build a program that would assist the auditors in the field with their data migration. I worked for an amazing group of mentors who were willing to teach me everything I need to know about building the financials. I have maintained these friendships throughout my lifetime, and I can always reach out to them if I need guidance.

My love for construction came from working for an Architect/Engineering company. I brought forward my knowledge of accounting systems and financial analysis to help build a financial system. I learned everything about specifications and plans, bids, general contractors/subcontractors, and construction accounting, and working with Boards and decision-makers. I was involved in several large construction projects. If you ever fly into Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, you will find my “branded initials” on the glass wall!

Each of these companies has brought value into my life which, in turn, helped me bring value to others in my career path.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The ability to analyze the accounting system and produce a plan to fix it.

Which of your personal attributes have been most beneficial to you in your career? Explain why.

My desire to excel at almost everything I do regarding my career has helped me along the way. If I’m uncertain about something, I will ask questions or figure out what I need to do to get it done. I will take training classes or call my previous colleagues if I’m certain they’d have the answer. I have always maintained my work relationships.

What do you for fun while you’re not at work?

I love to spend time with my children: Shelbee and Presley, stepchildren: Bethany and Drake, or grandchildren: Sloane, Benson, Benjamin, Luke, Lincoln, Eli, and Evin. I also have a bull mastiff, Belle, and a Maine coon cat, Cammi, that demand my attention. My husband, Randy, and I like to take road trips and love to visit anywhere that involves sun, surf, and sand!

What are two or three important lessons you learned along the way that others could benefit from?

If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!   If you didn’t take the career path you should have.. go back to school!

Who have you mentored and how did your guidance impact that person, your team, your department, and your company?

I have mentored, and I have been mentored along the way! I promote success! I love teaching what I know to help my team grow. I’ve helped several administrative assistants of mine along the way by teaching accounting, payroll, benefits administration, etc. They have either moved on to become successful in their professional careers or have taken my place when I accepted other opportunities. The impact I have made on my teammate and the company is beneficial to their success!

How do you describe your leadership style?

My management style is more of the coaching or servant style.  I coach and mentor!  I am a promoter!  I ask questions!  I teach if I see a struggle!  I am a strong communicator and I create bonds with my team.  I have found that this style creates a positive environment.