Brad Fowler – Superintendent

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? The most exciting thing about being in commercial construction is being a part of projects and seeing the projects from start to completion and clients’ dreams come true.

What is your philosophy about giving back to the community?  I think it is really important to give yourself time to help others.  I have been on many mission trips and helped with local organizations.

Name a technology innovation that has made an impact in construction or an area where there are opportunities for innovation.   I think one of the greatest innovations since I have been in construction, is the smartphone also all the new programs that are available.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company.  I have been in commercial construction for nearly 40 years.  I started as a carpenter then a foreman and worked up to a superintendent. I have been a superintendent for almost 30 years.

11 August, 2022