Robert Wherley – Project Manager

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business? We deliver excellent products to our satisfied customers that are before or on schedule and under or on a budget so that we can get continued repeat business. I truly love the entire process from pre-bid through project closeout.

What is your philosophy about giving back to the community? The impact of individuals and corporate teams actively giving back to the community is immeasurable. As a former VP and President of the largest Little League program in the United States, I have seen firsthand the incredible power of volunteering and the incredible rewards.

Name a technology innovation that has made an impact in construction or an area where there are opportunities for innovation. The power of ProCore and it’s ability (if utilized to its full potential) has taken construction management from the stone age to the 21st Century this past decade alone.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company. I know the secret to achieving a perfect bark on prime brisket, and I look forward to growing with the Crowther Group in the near and distant future.

21 September, 2022