Thomas Crowther, LEED AP, CEO/Managing Partner

What is the most exciting thing about working in this business?

The most exciting thing about working in this business is seeing dreams become reality.  Seeing a teacher connect with a child in a facility we built, a mom buying groceries that fuel her family in the stores we’ve renovated, and dedicated professionals, from baby boomers sharing knowledge to millennials earning trust, working together for a common goal to deliver the best project possible for our clients.

What is your philosophy about giving back to the community?

Our philosophy on giving back is rooted in our mission statement of building partnerships, one relationship at a time. We believe in hiring entrepreneurial people that live, work, and serve in the communities we build. Our mindset is to create a more dedicated team member that pays attention to the details and the “why” of the construction projects we serve. Our workforce care about the communities we serve because it impacts their neighbors, friends, and family! They’re better builders because their loved ones attend the schools, churches, and retail facilities we touch! We sow back into our communities. It is our way of building the true treasures of tomorrow in the communities we serve!

Name a technology innovation that has made an impact in construction or an area where there are opportunities for innovation.

A technology innovation that has made an impact in construction is our ability to communicate with all construction stakeholders in real time. I remember when a construction trailer with a fax machine was the central hub for data and collaboration on a project. The trailer housed meetings, submittals, bids, subcontracts, documents, cost analysis, budgets and more. With technologies like Procore, SharePoint, video conferencing, and bid plan rooms, our teams today are virtually integrated and collaborative with our consultants, subcontractors, owners, and facility managers from concept to turnover. Critical information is never lost due to timing or inaccessibility. No matter the size of a construction project, innovation in technology has allowed our teams to become a trusted partner in pro-forma development, site selection, concept design and building of projects throughout the life cycle of an asset.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company.

An awesome fact about my role in our company is I get to help others achieve their goals every day. I enjoy a sense of pride in partnering on buildings that visionaries develop, teachers educate, students learn, families shop, and communication companies share innovative technologies that impact the way people live.

17 May, 2018