Viviana Nevarez – Project Coordinator

What is the most exciting thing about working for The Crowther Group? The most exciting thing about working for The Crowther Group is working with people who come together, strive for greatness, and take pride in what is provided to our clients. It’s refreshing that we all bring different strengths and ideas and learn from each other.

What is your philosophy about giving back to the community? I believe giving back to the community is vital and has such an impact. I am a big advocate of mentoring the youth and volunteering to help organizations give back to their community. When I have had the opportunity to, it has been very rewarding.

Name a technology innovation that has made an impact in office management or an area where there are opportunities for innovation. There is so much technology now but the top ones I feel can be used in different  industries are the cloud and smart phone because apps are easily accessible outside the office.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company. I enjoy the fact in this industry, every day can be different and challenges me to improve or learn something new. There is never a dull moment.

30 September, 2021