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About Us

The Crowther Group is a Commercial General Contractor specializing in multi-site projects. Headquartered in North Texas, our teams bring over 120+ years of experience working with the best consultants and subcontractors to get our clients the highest quality projects for the best price.

Trusted brands choose our Firm for commercial, public, and private ground-up, renovation, and interior finish-out projects. The Crowther Group has a reputation built upon a foundation of entrepreneurial and experienced team members dedicated to delivering operationally excellent construction safely, on time, and within budget. We partner to understand our client’s business goals and their construction project.

We are a trusted advisor to our clients and the communities we serve, and we are committed to partnering to achieve our combined goals.

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The leadership team

Meet the leaders of The Crowther Group.

With more than 30 years in the construction industry, Thomas oversees strategic direction and operations as the CEO & President of The Crowther Group.

Mr. Crowther is an executive known for building client trust and delivering on commitments. With a focus on the bottom line, Thomas builds high performance teams Which understand key client performance indicators, delivering quality solutions. He is respected as a process thinker who knows how to ask the right questions. He is a goal- driven and detail-oriented leader with a comprehensive understanding of accounting systems, project management, and client care. Which he developed throughout his career by serving in a wide range of construction positions including Field Engineer, Superintendent, Estimator, Pre-Construction Manager, Project Manager, Sr. Project Manager, and Vice President for ENR 400 General Construction Firms.

Thomas is Goldman Sachs 10KSB Graduate and serves others above himself as an active member of The Rotary Club of Dallas and Foundation’s Board of Trustees for The Rotary Club of Dallas. He is also an Industry Partner for the Dallas Independent School District and Dallas County Community College District Pathways to Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Program. Additionally, Thomas serves on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Regional Chamber, DFW Minority Supplier Development Council, and After School All-Stars North Texas.

He earned a degree in Construction Management at the University of Nebraska Kearney and continues his executive education at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business. Thomas is a native of the Bahamas and lives in Frisco, Texas, with his wife, Trish, and son Tyler.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company: An awesome fact about my role in our company is I get to help others achieve their goals every day. I enjoy a sense of pride in partnering on buildings that visionaries develop, teachers educate, students learn, families shop, and communication companies share innovative technologies that impact the way people live.

Favorite Song: Goodness of God by CC Winans and Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

Nancy oversee’s the accounting of the company, studies financial trends, prepares company financials, runoff reports, revenue projections and oversees cashflow of business operations.

Nancy Stewart joined The Crowther Group with over twenty years experience in Finance and Accounting. Nancy is a self proclaimed bean counter. Nancy was born in Lubbock, TX and moved to Dallas five years ago. Nancy is a single mother to one child, a son.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company: An awesome fact about myself is that I am highly adaptable to change, which comes in handy in my job every day.

Angelo is responsible for all field operations for the Crowther Group.

Angelo Nola joined The Crowther Group with 40+ years of experience.He is a retired Army veteran where he served as MP and Communication Specialist as a Sargent. He was born and raised in Buffalo, New York and moved to Texas 24 years ago.

Soon after moving to Texas Angelo was married and had two kids. Angelo started construction working with his hands at the age of 13 finishing out his first complete kitchen and bathroom remodel. He attended technical high school to learn the construction trades. This launched his 40+ year career in construction including over 30 years as a superintendent doing interior remodels and ground up projects going through his current position as General Superintendent /Field Operations for The Crowther Group.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company: I am so excited to use my background and experience to help with the company’s future and growth. I look forward to being one of the tools helping the Crowther Group reach their future success and goals.

Favorite Song: Love Train by the O’Jays

Heather is responsible for all Marketing and branding for The Crowther Group.

Heather Faulkner was born and raised in Louisiana and moved to Texas over 25 years ago, she is proof that you can take the girl away from the cajun, but you cannot take the cajun out of the girl. Heather has been married for 15 years to Jay and has a son(Aaron) and a daughter (Jaylyn). She has worked in Marketing within many industries, including Retail, Real Estate, Insurance, and Construction. Before joining The Crowther Group, Heather held numerous positions directing creative design projects supporting ongoing branding and marketing programs. Heather joined The Crowther Group with over 25 years of experience as a Marketing Executive. Her leadership, business intellect, and design talent allow her to translate diverse client and business requirements into seamless marketing campaigns.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company: The drive I have to be creative has been part of me since I learned to color inside the lines. I was only five years old when I began to appreciate the marketing professional’s role in communication. My father was a graphic designer, and watching him do his job excited me so much that I, even at five years old, would say, ” I want to be a graphic designer or marketing person when I grow up.” Many years later, I have the same excitement for what I do. I can only hope that I maintain this enthusiasm throughout my career.

Favorite Song: Kokomo, Beach Boys

Cynthia is responsible for Human Resources (known within the company as People Operations) for The Crowther Group. She gets the right people in the right seats.

Cynthia is a transplant to Texas, originally hailing from Chicago, IL. She moved to Texas more than 30 years ago. According to her husband, she is now officially a Texan, y’all. Cynthia has been married for over 20 years and has fraternal twins, a boy, and a girl, the best of both worlds. She has continued her career in People Operations, handling everything from payroll, recruiting, development, training, policy & People development, and budgeting, just to name a few in various industries. The industries she has serviced span from Healthcare(Pain Management), Printing & Publishing, Data Privacy, Retail, Hospitality, Commercial Real Estate Development, Multi-Family Housing, Banking, and Adhesive Manufacturing, and she now brings her expertise to Commercial Construction with The Crowther Group.

Tell us an awesome fact about yourself or the role you have in the company: People Operations is my arena here at The Crowther Group. I am excited to be a part of the growth of this company by focusing on its people and making sure we have the people programs, benefits & structure, and people in the right place to keep us moving forward. A little known fact about me? I was born on Lake Michigan.

Favorite Song: Shambala, Three Dog Night

Our Values

Our Purpose

To build a profitable and sustainable business in turn impacting the communities that our clients and employees serve.

Our Mission

We exist to bring vision to reality through excellence in construction

Team Player
A team player buys into the vision & mission of the company, shares all their knowledge, has integrity, and is authentic.
Results Oriented
A results oriented person goes above and beyond, exhausts all resources, has perserverance, and is a hard worker.
A proactive person is a go getter, entrepreneurial, wants to learn, is self motivated, and takes the time to get all the information.
 A person that cares looks out for the companies best interest and is proactive of the partners & clients interest.
Diversity of thought, smart,
funny light.
Service of others above

Our Certifications

Crowther Group understands the importance of training, education and certification. Outlined below are certifications we hold:

Safety commitment

The Crowther Group is committed to the safety of all workers, whether our own employees, subcontractors, or other employees at our project sites or offices. Safety must never be compromised. It is part of quality craftsmanship and the mark of true professionals. The Crowther Group will meet or exceed government standards as we work to be a model leader in the construction industry.

To further our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, The Crowther Group has implemented the Zero Injury Safety Philosophy throughout our safety program and organization.

The Crowther Group believes that the elimination of all injuries is possible, and we are dedicated to achieving this level of safety performance. Every employee on each project must assume the responsibility for safety. Each employee has direct control over our safety program’s success and, in turn, his or her own safety.

the crowther group’s safety policy basic tenets

Every employee is empowered to stop work
and take corrective action whenever a safety hazard is identified.

Provide necessary safeguards to ensure
safe working conditions.

Provide neat, clean, safe and healthful
working conditions

Maintain all equipment, tools and machines
in good repair.

Train our employees in safe work habits and methods to develop an injury free safety culture.

Our project team is responsible for completing all jobs safely. The Crowther Group provides each project team with support from our safety department, support services to assist in raising onsite safety awareness, and safety training for employees, supervisors, and managers. The safety department audits job sites and employee behaviors for compliance with The Crowther Group’s safety procedures.

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