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10 JAN, 2024

Crowther Group and Cynthia Ball honored by TEXO Executive Development Partners

The Crowther Group is honored to have nominated and had Cynthia Ball accepted to join the TEXO Executive Development Partners(EDP) 2024 class to represent The Crowther Group. The TEXO EDP is an elite leadership group of rising executives and middle & senior managers in the North Texas construction community that unite together to grow + serve + connect. This year-long program gathers top-performing leaders to the table every month to:

  • Build solid, lasting relationships with industry colleagues.
  • Troubleshoot ideas, challenges, and opportunities as a group.
  • Hear from high-caliber speakers & executive coaches.

Crowther is a huge advocate of developing our people and we look forward to Cynthia’s participation in the TEXO EDP program this year. As our Director of People Operations, she is leading by example, and is our driving force and voice for developing programs, training and opportunities for Crowther employees to grow in their industry education and skill so they can advance in their careers with us.

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