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10 AUG, 2020

Crowther Invests in Other Small Businesses.

The Crowther Group is concerned about inclusion as we are diversity. At the Crowther Group, we believe in giving other minority and women-owned small businesses opportunities to help them grow as we grow. We split up all bid packages into multiple sections and post them individually on Plan Hub and Building Connect along with “boots on the ground” efforts from our team to engage and connect with small and diverse businesses on our projects. Fostering economic opportunities for small businesses; women-owned businesses, and minority-owned business entities as our clients entrust us with their projects to ensure that funds impact local communities. We strive to obtain 30-50% small business participation in everything we do, from promotional items to subcontracted services.

The team remains committed to creating a culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We know this can’t be done without investing time and resources towards bringing about that change. Our leadership team believes in inclusion across all levels, including a diversity of thought in business relationships. We build our partnerships one project at a time.

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