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Dallas Housing Authority Headquarters Addition

Project Description:

The new building included 29,000 square feet of office space in a 3-story addition directly behind the existing Head Quarters Services building. The new building is an open concept with many demountable walls and was designed to be compatible with the existing structure. Operation of the existing building was not interrupted during the construction of the new building, including visits by the general public and parking for employees.

Fun Facts:

The project included over 50% Small and Certified Minority Businesses and Crowther as 100% Minority-owned businesses. The team worked collaboratively to address current market conditions involving delayed permitting, material pricing, equipment long lead times, and solutions to labor due to the pandemic. This created challenges in establishing and maintaining budgets throughout the design phase. However, the Crowther project team constantly contacted major subcontractors, manufacturers, and vendors to stay informed on pricing increases and volatility that affected each trade. This communication allowed us to be a consultative partner to DHA, Matthew Southwest, and BRW. We stayed on budget by guiding the design team on using readily available materials and potential cost escalations on specified equipment. This resulted in a recommended 2 Million dollars in cost-saving suggestions to the client, of which they accepted 1.2 Million dollars and early released materials for steel, curtain wall, roofing, mechanical equipment, and electrical equipment.

General Contractor:

Size (square feet): 29,000

Location: Dallas, TX

Cost: $15M

Architect: BRW Architects

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