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Target Stores

Project Description:

Retail giant Target was Crowther’s first client and, to date, has entrusted the Crowther team as a General Contractor on over 13 Commercial Construction projects, many of which include remodeling active operation stores throughout the states of Texas and Louisiana. When Target embarked on their previous store, “Remodels and Go Back Remodels,” our team was at the helm of many of those projects throughout Louisiana and Texas.

Fun Facts:

Target stores close to the public overnight during remodels, making most of Crowther’s construction work occur after hours. The work environment inside and outside of the stores is full of construction and store partners doing merchandising. This makes establishing a security plan well before mobilization and monitoring its effectiveness through the course of the 120-day fast-track projects a priority. Traffic patterns are strictly adhered to, and Subcontractors are badged.

General Contractor:

Size (square feet): 197,770

Location: Dallas, Plano, Irving, Thomball, Port Arther, Woodlands, & Fort Worth, TX, Baton Rouge & Lafayette, LA

Cost: <$10,000,000

Architect: Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, RSP Architects Callison, RTKL, Harrison French & Associates

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